Birdsfoot Trefoil

  • Birdsfoot Trefoil is a perennial producing high-quality forage for cattle and sheep that adapts well to production on poorly drained, low-pH soils.
  • Grown in the northern United States and southern Canada, where production of other forage legumes is limited. 

Turnip Seed

  • Forage type used for sheep and cattle. 
  • Improves soil compaction.
  • Can be used to supplement a rotational grazing system.
  • Matures in 12-14 weeks.

Rapeseed, Trophy

  • A member of the cabbage family used for hog and sheep pasture.
  • Offers valuable feed when other crops are in their summer slump.
  • Can be harvested or grazed every 30 days following a 75 day establishment period.

White Mustard

  • Planted as a cover crop to benefit soil. 
  • Can help control nematodes. 
  • Has soilborne pathogen and weed suppression benefits.


  • Rapid growing cover warm season crop.
  • Loosens soil while increasing phosphorus and potassium availability.
  • Provides nectar for pollinators and beneficial insects. 

Common Vetch

  • Prolific nitrogen fixer
  • Used as a green manure, cover crop, silage, pasture, and hay. 
  • Suppresses weeks with loosening topsoil.
  • Hosts beneficial insects. 
  • Less winter-hardy than hairy vetch.

Hairy Vetch

  • Prolific nitrogen fixer
  • Suppresses weeks with loosening topsoil.
  • Hosts beneficial insects. 

Daikon Forage Radish


  • Forage Rape/Turnip Cross

Forage Collards

Sun Hemp