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$175.84 - $223.68 / Weight

This early hybrid nappa cabbage is extra slow bolting and boasts superior performance. Mature heads can weigh over 4 lbs.!

$2.49 - $5.50 / Weight

This early maturing cabbage produces large 6"-8" heads that are tender and crisp with a fresh mild flavor. 80 days to maturity.

$2.24 - $5.50 / Weight

This old heirloom variety (introduced in the 1840's) produces medium, conical heads that are renowned for their delicious taste. 65 days to maturity.

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Golden Acre

$3.74 - $16.00 / Weight

The most popular variety for the home garden - our best seller! Their solid, 3-4 lb. heads are the perfect size- not too big, not too small.

$3.75 - $10.00 / Weight

Late Flat Dutch produces huge heads up to 30 lbs! They have great flavor- one of the best for sauerkraut. Great variety for storage and processing.

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Red Acre

$4.24 - $10.00 / Weight

Red Acre is a wonderful, sweet-flavored variety for the home garden! So much more flavorful than store bought!