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Beans (Pole)

Blue Lake (Pole)

$0.28 - $1.00 / Weight

Blue Lake Pole is our most popular pole bean variety! These bright green, straight beans remain are stringless at every stage, stay sweet and tender, and are excellent for fresh eating, freezing, and canning!

Beans (Pole)

Kentucky Wonder

$0.50 - $1.50 / Weight

Kentucky Wonder is a great choice! They are a heavy producer, boasting massive, 7-10” pods, their beans are stringless and tender when young, they are extremely flavorful, they are excellent eaten fresh, cooked, frozen or canned, they grow to 4-5’ making them very easy to pick, and they are adaptable to different soil types! Resistant to rust.

Beans (Pole)


$0.44 - $1.48 / Weight

This easy-to-grow bean produces beautiful green pods that are lightly striped with purple.