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Best-seller! Ambrosia has been our top-selling cantaloupe for many, many years because of its luscious, extra-sweet taste, juiciness and nectarous aroma.




Aphrodite produces large melons weighing 6 to 8 lbs. and matures 2-3 days earlier than Athena.



$7.49 - $18.00 / Weight

Oblong-shaped fruit, with a reddish orange flesh that is sweet and spicy. They love the heat! A cross between a Persian and Casaba Melon. Crenshaw is a late season variety.


Golden Beauty Casaba

$2.75 - $16.00 / Weight

Open-pollinated. A quality Casaba type. Very sweet white flesh, tough golden rind, and a good keeper; can be stored well into the winter!


Hales Best Jumbo

$2.13 - $16.00 / Weight

Hales Best has been one of our best sellers for years and is great for the home garden! It became wildly popular because of its excellent flavor coupled with its early maturity day.


Hearts O’ Gold

$4.63 - $16.00 / Weight

Hearts O’ Gold boasts deep orange flesh that is thick, juicy, fragrant, and very sweet. They have thin rinds, are heavily netted, and medium ribbed. Produce round, medium-sized, 2-3 lb. fruit.


Honeydew (Green Flesh)

$4.13 / Weight

Open-pollinated. Superbly sweet honeydew. A very smooth-skinned melon with a hard rind ripening pale green to ivory-gold and a small seed cavity.


Honeydew (Orange Flesh)

$5.44 - $16.00 / Weight

Open-pollinated. The Orange-Fleshed honeydew is oval to round in shape. When ripe its skin is white to pale yellow-green in color, similar to common honeydews.