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$2.74 - $16.00 / Weight

An open-pollinated, first-class carrot for all soils (even heavy soils). Nearly coreless. Highly preferred for canning.



$4.49 - $16.00 / Weight

This classic heirloom variety is a beautiful, flavorful, multi-use carrot often found in your grocery store.


Little Finger

$4.74 - $11.90 / Weight

This tender, sweet carrot is a favorite when eaten raw. Comes to maturity in 65 days.

$4.06 - $16.00 / Weight

Open-pollinated. Nearly coreless 6-in. carrots—in 9 weeks! Flavor favorite colors up early—a tempting red-orange. Super for snacking; crisp and sweet. Plant extra for the lunch box!

$2.74 - $16.00 / Weight

Red-orange flesh that is fine grained and sweet. Very dependable heavy yields. Excellent for market, home canning or freezing.