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$4.37 - $11.90 / Weight

Very long white stems of delicate flavor. Hardy, winters well for early spring bunching. May be sown all season long, or overwinter for a spring treat!


Red Grano

$5.48 - $6.95 / Weight

This beautiful heirloom onion produces a mid-sized bulb. With its delicious, mild flavor, this onion offers much versatility.

$18.75 - $28.00 / Weight

Ultra-mild, cold-tolerant variety that is great for short-season climates! Maturing up to 2 weeks sooner than other Spanish types, it's a delicious cold-hardy variety.

$5.48 - $6.95 / Weight

Easy to peel and with a mild, sweet flavor, this onion produces large white bulbs that continue to impress some of our fiercest onion consumers. 100 days to maturity.

$3.62 - $11.90 / Weight

A large, sweet yellow onion. Loved for its mild, sweet flavor. Excellent raw. It does well in Western states and similar climates. It has fair storage characteristics. Intermediate day.