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Corn - Sweet (Bi-Color)


$1.87 - $2.49 / Weight

Our best seller!!! We sell more of this one variety than all our other varieties combined! A bi-color Bodacious with good spring vigor. Plump and sweet. Perfect for summer picnics.

Corn - Sweet (Bi-Color)

Peaches & Cream (Mid)

$2.00 - $3.12 / Weight

Two colors and two flavors. Peaches & Cream actually gives two different sweet flavors in every bite. It matures early in the season, grows to 6 ft. tall and has 8 ½" long ears.

Corn - Sweet (Bi-Color)


$1.87 - $3.12 / Weight

One of the earliest bicolors offered. Displays good, cold-soil vigor for short-season areas. Sturdy, 5-ft. stalks bear 7-in., 14-row ears with fine flavor, lasting sweetness and tenderness.

Corn - Sweet (Bi-Color)


$1.56 - $2.98 / Weight

With the ears sitting on 5 and 1/2 feet stocks, this delicious bi-color sweet corn arrives in a protective husk and produces ears that average about 8" long with solid tip fill.

Corn - Sweet (Bi-Color)


$1.01 - $1.98 / Weight

This sugar enhanced varied produces bi-color ears that average 8 inches in length. The kernels are very sweet and are sure to be a crowd pleaser at that summer bbq!