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Pumpkin (Large)

Atlantic Giant

$7.74 - $15.90 / Weight

Heirloom. Open-pollinated. The grand-daddy of all giant pumpkins. He present day record for this amazing variety is now over 1,800 lbs. and produces 400-500 lb fruit consistently.

Pumpkin (Large)

Big Max

$2.49 - $5.95 / Weight

Heirloom. Open-pollinated. If given plenty of moisture, fertilizer and space, Big Max will live up to its name in producing a beautiful 100 lb pumpkin.

Pumpkin (Large)


$3.99 - $11.80 / Weight

This one is Andrews' favorite! This pumpkin will consistently produce 22-25 lb pumpkins. At 115 days to harvest, the thick hard rind on this pumpkin makes it a great carving variety.