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$3.74 - $14.00 / Weight

Open-Pollinated. When “wild” gardeners think of California Poppies, this is the one that comes to mind. Majestic, elegant, and stunningly colorful.

$3.74 - $23.60 / Weight

Coreopsis is a native perennial wildflower that has been cultivated for use in the garden with beautiful, daisy-like flowers in red, pink, or yellow.

$2.49 - $5.95 / Weight

This classic mix is a "wild" gardner's favorite producing a vibrant mix of red, pink, and white blooms in drifts that can rise from 3'-5' tall!

$3.13 - $6.00 / Weight

Growing from 40-60 inches tall, this summer beauty produced vibrant mixed yellow, orange, and red blossoms. Prefers full sun.

$8.75 - $31.92 / Weight

This rustic sunflower sports beautiful deep burgundy petals surrounding a rich chocolate disk.

$8.75 - $31.92 / Weight

This beautiful sunflower boasts deep burnt red petals blushing to bright red. Growing up to 80" tall, this flower makes a gorgeous addition to the garden!

$3.13 - $11.80 / Weight

Open-Pollinated. This sunflower has a giant yellow flower head, up to 2 feet across on a single, tall stalk, up to 12 feet. The large seeds have the characteristic grey stripes.

$3.12 - $7.95 / Weight

Open-Pollinated. This unique Sunflower has an extremely soft texture and is truly a fun statement in the garden. A shorter variety, Dwarf Sungold is perfect for the border of the garden.

$8.75 - $31.92 / Weight

While this variety of sunflower only grows up to about two feet, the blooms are an outstanding ten inches wide! This variety adds a bright spot of joy to any garden.

$8.75 - $31.92 / Weight

Reaching a height of between six and seven feet, this gorgeous sunflower produces beautiful deep red petals with a dark center.

$4.50 - $11.80 / Weight

These are some of the most popular annual flowers on earth. The marigold group called "Crackerjack Mix" has decorated millions of gardens for decades.

$3.99 - $11.80 / Weight

Sparky is not your ordinary marigold! It has a very unusual flower form that is wide and wavy. The colors are vivid shades of deep orange and yellow. It will remind you of a sunset.