English Roses have natural, shrubby growth which makes them ideal for both traditional rose borders and combining with other plants in mixed borders. Their habit can be bushy, upright or elegantly arching and their height can vary from being quite short to tall. The more compact English Roses work well in rose beds, whilst taller varieties can be trained against a post and rail fence. Most varieties will perform surprisingly well in partial shade with at least four or five hours of good sun a day. English Roses as shrubs look best when planted in groups of three or more of the same variety. They will then grow together to form one dense shrub, which will provide a more continuous display and make a more definite statement in the border.


Emily Bronte® (Ausearnshaw)

An exceptionally beautiful rose; the distinctive blooms are very neat and rather flat. Each bloom is a lovely soft pink, with a subtle apricot hue, the smaller central petals deepening to rich apricot and surrounding a button eye, which unfurls to reveal deep-set stamens. The strong Tea fragrance becomes more Old Rose, with delicious hints of lemon and grapefruit. It forms a bushy shrub with strong, healthy, upright growth.

Color: Soft Pink Apricot Fading To Cream. Height: 4ft. Width: 3.5ft.


Darcey Bussell™ (Ausdecorum)

When young, the outer petals of each bloom form a perfect ring around an inner cup, gradually opening out to form a perfect, medium-large rosette. The color is a deep, rich crimson-pink, taking on a tinge of mauve just before the petals drop.

Color: Crimson-pink. Height: 4 ft. Width: 4 ft. 


Golden Celebration (Ausgold)

One of the largest-flowered English Roses, bearing rich yellow blooms in the form of giant cups. They have a strong Tea fragrance, developing wonderfully combined notes of Sauternes wine and strawberry.

Color: Rich yellow. Height: 4.5 ft. Width: 4.5 ft.


Carding Mill™ 

The blooms are a beautiful blend of pink, apricot and yellow, giving the overall impression of orange. They have a lovely myrrh fragrance. It forms a bushy, rounded shrub with quite straight stems.

Color: Apricot-orange. Height: 4 ft. Width: 3.5 ft. 


OWN ROOT Charlotte® (Auspoly)

Bears exquisite yellow flowers. These start off beautifully cupped, later opening out to form rosettes. Each bloom is packed with numerous small petals, arranged around a classic button eye.

Color: Soft yellow. Height: 4 ft. Width: 3 ft.


OWN ROOT Molineux™ (Ausmol)

Bears medium-sized neat rosette blooms – tinged with orange at first, quickly becoming rich yellow. It has a light-medium musky Tea Rose scent. The growth is compact, even and upright.

Color: Rich yellow. Height: 4 ft. Width: 3 ft.

OWN ROOT Tranquillity™ (Ausnoble)

Very floriferous and notable for the perfection of its flowers.An attractive, very floriferous variety, bearing pure white, beautifully rounded, rosette blooms.Almost thornless with very healthy vigorous growth.Light apple fragrance. 

Color: White. Height: 4ft. Width: 3ft.


OWN ROOT The Lady Gardener™ (Ausbrass)

Large, full-petalled, rich apricot blooms with a strong, delicious tea scent.  Repeat flowers quickly.  Very healthy.

Color: Apricot. Height: 4ft. Width: 3ft.


Jubilee Celebration® (Aushunter)

Large, domed, coral-pink flowers are held elegantly above the foliage on graceful, arching growth. There is a strong, delicious fruity fragrance with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry.

Color: Coral-pink. Height: 4ft. Width: 4ft.


OWN ROOT The Alnwick Rose® (Ausgrab)

Pretty, rich pink, cup-shaped buds gradually open to broad, full-petalled, shallow cups. The fully open blooms are soft pink and have an Old Rose scent, with just a hint of raspberry. The growth is bushy and relatively upright.
Color: Soft pink. Height: 4ft. Width: 3ft.


OWN ROOT Charles Darwin® (Auspeet)

The flowers are very full and rounded at first, later opening up to shallow cups. They are yellow in color, tending almost towards mustard, and have a strong, delicious fragrance, varying between soft floral Tea and pure lemon. It makes a sturdy shrub with broad, spreading growth.

Color: Yellow. Height: 4.5ft. Width: 4ft.


OWN ROOT Boscobel® (Auscousin)

Red buds open to beautifully formed, upward-facing, coral-pink rosettes. Small petals of varying shades mingle to provide a most pleasing effect. The myrrh fragrance has delicious hints of hawthorn, elderflower, pear and almond. It forms an upright shrub.
Color: Coral-pink. Height: 4ft. Width: 4ft.


OWN ROOT Gentle Hermione® (Ausrumba)

The perfectly formed, shallow cups are pure light pink, paling to soft blush on the outer petals. There is a strong, warm myrrh fragrance. It forms an attractive, quite broad shrub, with slightly arching stems. The leaves are tinged red at first, later turning green.
Color: Light pink. Height: 4ft. Width: 3ft.


OWN ROOT Imogen® (Austritch)

Bears pretty, lightly scented, pale yellow blooms, fading almost to cream. The many delicately frilled petals are arranged around a button eye. It forms a sturdy, quite upright shrub with glossy foliage.
Color: Pale yellow. Height: 5ft. Width: 3ft.


OWN ROOT Lichfield Angel® (Ausrelate)

Pale peachy pink buds gradually open to form neatly cupped, cream rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of waxy petals enclosing numerous smaller petals. Eventually the petals turn back to form a large, domed flower. It forms a vigorous, rounded, almost thornless shrub, its blooms nodding attractively on the branch.
Color: Cream. Height: 5ft. Width: 5ft.


OWN ROOT Olivia Rose Austin® (Ausmixture)

Bears beautiful, cupped, mid pink rosettes, with a delicate fruity fragrance. It commences flowering exceptionally early in the season and flowers in flushes until well into the fall. It forms a very healthy, well-balanced shrub with dark green foliage, which shows off the flowers to the very best effect..
Color: Mid pink. Height: 4.5ft. Width: 3.5ft.


OWN ROOT Princess Anne® (Auskitchen)

The young flowers are deep pink, almost red, fading to pure rich pink. The rather narrow petals are unusually substantial, with a hint of yellow on their undersides. Held in large, fragrant clusters, they are produced with remarkable freedom. A particularly healthy variety; it forms a bushy, upright shrub with thick, succulent, highly polished foliage.
Rich pink. Height: 4ft. Width: 4.5ft.


OWN ROOT Princess Alexandra of Kent® (Ausmerchant)

The unusually large, bright pink flowers are full-petalled and deeply cupped. In spite of their size, they are never clumsy, being held nicely poised on a well-rounded shrub. There is a strong and delicious fresh Tea fragrance, which changes to lemon, eventually taking on hints of blackcurrants.
Color: Bright pink. Height: 5ft. Width: 4ft.


OWN ROOT Queen of Sweden® (Austiger)

Exquisite little buds open to half-enclosed cups, eventually becoming wide, shallow, upward-facing cups of pleasing formality. The color begins as soft-apricot pink, gradually changing to pure soft pink over time. There is a lovely myrrh fragrance. It forms a bushy, yet upright shrub.
Color: Light pink. Height: 5ft. Width: 3ft.


OWN ROOT Tottering-by-Gently® (Auscartoon)

This variety’s beauty is found both in the simplicity of its single flowers and the spectacular display they create when viewed en masse. Held in large, open sprays, the yellow flowers open to reveal golden stamens. Paling prettily over time, they have a light musky scent, with fresh notes of orange peel. It flowers freely, repeating regularly throughout the summer. A large, healthy shrub; its growth is rounded and branching.
Color: Yellow. Height: 4ft. Width: 4ft.


OWN ROOT Winchester Cathedral® (Auscat)

A white sport of ‘Mary Rose’, with the occasional touch of pink. It produces a mass of medium-large sized, loose petalled, fragrant rosettes, and continues to bloom at regular intervals throughout the summer. A well-shaped shrub with twiggy, bushy growth and nice foliage.
White. Height: 4ft. Width: 4ft.


Vanessa Bell™ (Auseasel)

Pink-tinged buds open to medium-sized cups held in large clusters. Pale yellow, paling to white at the edges; each has a rich yellow eye. The fragrance is similar to green tea with aspects of lemon and honey. It forms a bushy, upright shrub.
Color: Pale yellow. Height: 4ft. Width: 3ft.


Wisley 2008® (Ausbreeze)

The perfect rosette flowers are shallowly cupped, about 3” across, and are a very pure light pink. The outer petals pale prettily towards the edges. The growth is elegantly arching, producing its flowers along the stems and building up into a fine, vigorous shrub.

Color: Light pink. Height: 4.5ft. Width: 4.5ft.


Climbing Roses are an excellent way of bringing height and a feeling of abundance to the garden. They are best and most frequently used on house walls but are also perfect for growing on pillars, obelisks, walls, trellises and over arches. Climbing Roses usually have large flowers, held singly or in small groups. Nearly all varieties have the ability to repeat flower. 


Wollerton Old Hall® (Ausblanket)

A wonderfully fragrant climber – its strong, warm myrrh fragrance has intense hints of citrus. The buds have attractive flashes of red, open to beautifully rounded, chalice-shaped blooms of pale apricot, eventually paling to cream.

Color: Pale apricot. Height: 12 ft. 


OWN ROOT Tess of the D’Urbervilles®

Large, bright-crimson blooms.  Good Old Rose fragrance.  Flowers freely from early in the season.

Color: Crimson. Height: 8ft.


OWN ROOT Teasing Georgia™ (Ausbaker)

A rose of great beauty with rich yellow, rosette-shaped blooms. Lovely, strong tea fragrance. Very reliable, extremely healthy, and easy to grow. Repeat flowers well.

Color: Deep yellow. Height: 8ft


Lady of the Lake® (Ausherbert)

Its pretty, semi-double flowers, each about 2” across, are held in sprays on long, slender and flexible stems. They are a pale pink color and of open formation, each exposing a nice boss of golden stamens. They have a fresh citrus fragrance.

Color: Pale pink. Height: 12ft.


OWN ROOT Bathsheba™ (Auschimbley)

Apricot-yellow buds open to shallowly cupped, many petalled rosettes. They are a beautiful blend of subtle apricot-pink and soft yellow, giving the overall impression of apricot, with creamy outer petals. There is a superb floral myrrh fragrance, with hints of honey and Tea. It forms a short, vigorous climber.

Color: Apricot. Height: 10ft


Crown Princess Margareta® (Auswinter)

A vigorous climber, bearing neat, fragrant, apricot-orange rosettes. They are produced with exceptional freedom and regularity.
Color: Apricot-orange. Height: 12ft.


OWN ROOT The Generous Gardener™ (Ausdrawn)

Bears beautifully formed flowers, which nod gracefully on the stem. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect. The flowers are a pale glowing pink and have a delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh.

Color: Pale pink. Height: 15ft


OWN ROOT Malvern Hills® (Auscanary)

A repeat-flowering rambler, bearing fully double, soft yellow blooms, which are held in medium to large clusters. There is a light musky fragrance. It is very healthy with strong, slender growth, attractive polished foliage and few thorns.
Color: Soft-yellow. Height: 15ft.


OWN ROOT The Pilgrim® (Auswalker)

This variety has particularly beautiful blooms. The buds open to reveal many petalled cups, which gradually form large, flat rosettes. The color is a very attractive shade of soft yellow, the petals paling prettily towards the edges. The flowers have a medium strength fragrance, which is a perfect balance of Tea and myrrh. It will quickly reach some height and still produce flowers and leaves lower down the plant.
Color: Soft yellow. Height: 12ft


OWN ROOT Teasing Georgia® (Ausbaker)

A particularly free-flowering climber, producing impressive displays of blooms into fall. The refined rosette flowers are rich yellow at the center, fading to palest yellow on the edges.
Color: Deep yellow. Height: 12ft.


OWN ROOT Tess of the Durvervilles® (Ausmove)

A striking climber bearing large, deeply cupped, bright crimson-red blooms, with a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. It is a relatively compact climber clothed in large, dark green leaves.
Color: Crimson-red. Height: 8ft


OWN ROOT Wollerton Old Hall® (Ausblanket)

A wonderfully fragrant climber – its strong, warm myrrh fragrance has intense hints of citrus. The buds have attractive flashes of red, open to beautifully rounded, chalice-shaped blooms of pale apricot, eventually paling to cream.
Color: Pale apricot. Height: 12ft.


Strawberry Hill® (Ausrimini)

Beautiful at all stages, bearing small clusters of mid pink, medium-large, cupped rosettes. They have a strong, delicious myrrh and heather honey fragrance. The arching branches are clothed in glossy, dark foliage.
Color: Mid pink. Height: 10ft

*Images courtesy of David Austin Roses