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$6.95 - $11.00 / Weight

This long, pale cucumber is unique for the ridges on its surface. These cucumbers can get up to 3 feet long and are known for their mild taste.


Ashley Hybrid

$2.12 - $5.50 / Weight

This early variety produces delicious, dark-green fruit. Ashley cucumbers are excellent for slicing and boast a strong disease resistance package. 55 days to maturity.

$5.49 - $11.80 / Weight

It has been around for a long time for good reason, it is the standard for homemade pickles. It produces heavy yields of small 6" cucumbers.

$12.49 - $27.80 / Weight

These long, slender cukes offer a crisp, mild, bitter-free and burpless bite all season long! Firm and easy to peel, they should become your cucumber of choice!



$6.25 - $12.00 / Weight

With its citrusy-tasting flesh, this cucumber is a refreshing addition to any salad!

$3.74 - $6.95 / Weight

When Cornell University developed Marketmore 76, it became the standard for slicing Cucumbers. Now there's an improved strain with terrific disease resistance and great fruit shape!

$3.74 - $6.95 / Weight

A cucumber superstar, this classic has excellent flavor and is widely adapted.This heirloom, All-America Selections winner is a cuke for all seasons.


Suyo Long

$15.00 - $24.00 / Weight

This long, ribbed cucumber is a dark green heirloom that hails from China. Its flesh is mild and sweet and excellent for eating fresh out of the garden. 65 days to maturity.