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Power through branches up to ¾” thick. The first time you try out Fiskars PowerGear2™ Pruner, you’ll be amazed—but it’s not magic, its gears. Fiskars patented gear technology multiplies your leverage to give you up to 3X more power on ever cut. So you can power through tough stems and branches that you wouldn’t be able to cut with traditional pruners.

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Fiskars® PowerGear2™ Pruner uses patented technology to multiple your leverage, providing up to 3x more power on every cut. The innovative design includes modified gears and a specially engineered cam mechanism to optimize cutting power in the middle of the cut, where the branch is thickest and you need it most. Additionally, the fully hardened steel blade is enhanced with a low-friction coating for smooth cutting, less gumming and rust protection.

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Fiskars engineers combine the best features of two popular tools to create a new hybrid that is convenient, comfortable and endlessly useful.  The blend of sharp bypass blades and an ambidextrous scissor-style grip makes these pruners quick cutting and secure in the hand. A 1/2 -inch cutting capacity is useful both indoors and out, plus a string-cutting notch and stem stripper add even more versatility.


With hi-grade steel allow heads and aluminum handles, the Hickok loppers are light without sacrificing toughness. These commercial-grade tools are designed for making large cuts (up to 2”) and are available in a variety of lengths.

Garden Supplies

Metal Die Cut Lantern


Made out of metal. Approximately 12" tall and 6" in diameter.


Easily feed your birds seed or suet balls. Feeder is stainless steel. Measures approximately 12" tall.

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Bird Feeders

Suet Balls


This package of suet balls contains 6 pieces. Easily keep your feeder filled.

Bird Feeders

Triple Bird Feeder


Give your birds options with the triple feeder. Easily provides seed and suet balls.