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This heritage cherry tomato has a rich, full flavor and can be canned whole. Very productive. Fruit ripens throughout the season. Great for fresh eating, canning, and drying.


Roma Tomato


HEIRLOOM. Determinate. The classic sauce and paste tomato. Compact plants produce paste-type tomatoes resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts.

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HEIRLOOM. Indeterminate. The classic Italian paste tomato with rich, complex, sweet flavor essential for making traditional sauces and whole canned tomatoes.


Giant Nobel

$1.99 - $5.95 / Weight

Heirloom. Open-pollinated. Introduced in the 1920s this has remained a popular spinach for some time now. Which is saying something. Excellent variety for canning or freezing. The big, thick leaves hold up well.

Squash (Winter)

Improved Green Hubbard

$2.62 - $5.95 / Weight

Open-pollinated. HEIRLOOM. Delicious squash for any preparations, with vigorous vines. Excellent keeper. The vines bear ten to fifteen pound, dark green skinned, golden-fleshed fruit.

Squash (Winter)

Pink Banana Jumbo

$2.62 - $5.95 / Weight

Open-pollinated. HEIRLOOM. Large, pink, banana-shaped fruit can weigh 10-40 lbs. This variety is over 100 years old. Fine flavored, dry, sweet, orange flesh that is superbly fine tasting.

Pumpkin (Large)

Big Max

$2.49 - $5.95 / Weight

Heirloom. Open-pollinated. If given plenty of moisture, fertilizer and space, Big Max will live up to its name in producing a beautiful 100 lb pumpkin.

Corn - Sweet (Yellow)


$1.87 - $2.49 / Weight

Packed with large, juicy, golden kernels-18 full rows on every 8-in. ear. Sweet, flavorful and exceptionally tender! Fine for canning and freezing. As dependable as it is delicious.

Corn - Sweet (Yellow)

Golden Jubilee

$1.87 - $2.49 / Weight

The grandpa of hybrid corn. Golden Jubilee is one of the latest maturing varieties we sell and is excellent for late summer enjoyment

$0.50 - $0.88 / Weight

Often called Butterpeas, Field Peas, Southern Peas and Crowder Peas, Cowpeas are a great crop for a sustainable lifestyle because they are easy to grow and abundant producers.

$2.74 - $16.00 / Weight

Red-orange flesh that is fine grained and sweet. Very dependable heavy yields. Excellent for market, home canning or freezing.

$2.74 - $16.00 / Weight

An open-pollinated, first-class carrot for all soils (even heavy soils). Nearly coreless. Highly preferred for canning.